Buying brushes — TAEP Meetup #38


By Aarti Uppal Singla

Having bought a whole lot of art material in the last meet up we were still missing something … brushes. No artist can pass up a chance to buy cheap and yet good material hence we got together to buy brushes. I contacted an old gentleman who is known in art circles by the name ‘Brush Baba’ to bring along his pitara of brushes just for our group.

Dr. Suman graciously offered us the premises of her workplace to gather. Despite the rain and heavy traffic we all made it at the scheduled time of 3 pm and then began the long wait for brush baba to turn up. The waiting period was well spent discussing watercolour paper and other tools.

After a long wait our man turns up and we were not disappointed when he laid out his wares. There were brushes of sizes and types to suit all our needs, for watercolours, acrylics, oils and calligraphy. He even had beauty brushes! Reasonably priced they fulfilled our requirements and were worth the wait.