Exhibitions at Lalit Kala from 29th February -6th March 2016



By Aarti Uppal Singla


Wood, metal, watercolours, charcoal, oils … art finds expression in various mediums at the  exhibitions at Lalit Kala.

Myriad Expressions of Nature, A solo show of wooden sculptures by Dr. Hiren Saikia

Ophthalmologist by profession this artist from Jorhat uses his keen eyes to not only give sight to his patients but also to see unusual beauty in the trees around him. A self taught sculptor, Dr. Saikia says that trees talk to him and he to them. Whenever he finds an interesting piece of dead wood he brings it home and spends hours and days looking at it, listening to it. When the nature stops talking to him he finds his art. He is so deeply attached to his art that he has not thought about selling it to the admirers.


Watercolours by Mukul Tiwari

Resident of Nainital, Mukul puts the beauty of nature that surrounds him on paper through watercolours. Mountains, waterfalls, tress, lonely hilltop temples all find space in his works. He has tried to build his own unique style by blending some techniques.


Linearity, a group show by Asim Paul, Ashis Mondal, Avi Roy,Barun Pramanick, Jiban Biwswas, Ranjit Sarkar and Subrata Saha

Works across genres are a part of this. While Subrata and Asim’s work are abstract with distinctly different techniques and colour palettes Jiban and Ranjit work with human figures. While former shows the toughness of life the latter derives inspiration from mythology. Spiritualism is the base of Ashis’s work and Avi’s paintings reflect the innocence of childhood. Music, fashion and happiness are the subjects of Barun’s sculptures.


Silence of the Heavens by Mamoon Momani

The celestial orbs and undulating terrain are the recurring themes in Mamoon’s paintings. They look deceptively simple. The limited palette and use of texture paint give a 3 dimensional quality to his works. They make you want to go closer and feel the art. it is the silence that speaks a lot, only if you listen.


Sadanga, a group show by Mrityunjoy Chaterjee, Nilima Goel, Samir K Dutta, Pratibha Sarkar, Srabani Sarkar and Jyotismita De

Usual to unusual is what you see as this group’s offerings. Srabani and Jayosmita’s wood cuts are distinct and show their mastery over the medium. Advertising professional using pen ank ink to make his intricate works. Pratibha’s charcoal and mix media leave you spending those extra minutes in front of the paintings. Samir uses the unusual toner ink to make his art work. Papier-mâché is not just for kids craft project. In the hands of an accomplished sculptor like Nilima its finds new expression.


Chitrasutra, a solo show by Biju Panapuzha

A trained mural artist, Biju takes the traditional murals of Kerala to canvas. Keeping the familiar colours, motifs and fine details he brings the art form, limited to temples and palaces, to a smaller format that people can enjoy from close quarters. It takes a special type of passion to keep tradition alive and adapting it to modern living without losing the essence.


Environ, Landscapes by Pankaj Saroj

Using watercolours, oils, Japanese tar, etc. Pankaj excels in landscapes. From small 3inch by 4 inch watercolours to large 5feet by 5 feet oil paintings he has them all. He has his distinct style and is not afraid to use bold bright colours.


Convergence, a group show by Debashis Mullick, Pravat Kr Manna, Tanmoy Hazra, Prasenjit Pal, Anjana Kirtania, Utpal Naskar, Rajrappa Roy and Sujata dey Manna

These artists from Kolkata covered sculptures, paintings, collages and installations. Tanmoy’s ultramodern artworks made from resin, iron and fibre glass are lit up with LEDs. Sujata frames her paper collages with wire mesh making the viewer more of a discoverer. Anjana and Debashis are the sculptors. Pravat works on found and eroded pieces of wood to make his art that his reminiscent of cave paintings. Rajrappa and Prasenjit bring abstracts in acrylics. Utpal uses copper and brass sheets incorporated into his mix media canvases.


Roop Bhedh, a group show by Sumit Kumar Thakur, Ashok Prabhakarar, Sachee Kant Jha, Devamitra Chakravarti, Anup kumar Singh and Anil kumar Mishra

The last show for this week included abstracts by Debamitra and figurative paintings by Sachee. Anil showcased landscapes and cityscapes in watercolours. Sumit explores the human form with bright colours and bold impressionistic brush strokes. On the other hand Ashok’s works are detailed pen and ink drawings. Anup’s mix media works have an illustrative quality to them. With their use of reds and black and lots of white spaces they remind you of illustrations from children’s books.