A group show by artists who are moving out of their defined territories, boundaries of profession and education, and exploring new creative worlds.

Art is neither bound by age nor profession nor qualifications. It is an individual’s journey of joy and discovery. Some artists are born with the talent to draw and see colour while others teach themselves through self-learning or under guidance from seniors.

When a mind trained for science or numbers or economics, explores the uncharted territory of art the result is a new language, unique and beautiful for the artist and the viewer.

The show is visual treat of various mediums from the usual to unusual. The representations of the myriad forms the artist’s mind sees and conceives and the memories stored. The collection is a mix of works from experienced artists with a few shows under their belt and those who are venturing into public space for the first time.

The show will begin on 24th March 2017 and will be inaugurated by Mr. R. N. Singh, an eminent curator and art promoter. Mr. Singh owns a number of galleries in New Delhi and deals in art by Indian masters. Himself a skilled painter, he has a keen understating of aesthetics and what makes good art. A cheerful and helpful personality he believes in encouraging new talent.

About the curator Aarti Uppal Singla 

Aarti is a visual artist, with over 20 years of experience, who expresses through photography, painting, graphic design and book publishing. She graduated in Graphics from Govt. College of Arts, Chandigarh. And did her Masters in English from Panjab University.

Juggling between art, photography and design keeps her creatively challenged. While she follows minimalism and simple clean lines as a part of her design philosophy, her art and photography are guided by experimentation. She explores new mediums and techniques.

She runs two art communities in Delhi, The Art Exchange Project and Delhi Pencil Jammers.

Finding time between her design commitments she makes stationery, conducts art workshops, curates photography and art shows and organizes free art meet ups.

Call: +91 98734 22784

Mail: aarti@easelideas.com


The various artists who will be putting up their art in the exhibition are as below.

Yumi Onishi

Call: +91 98735 34411

Mail: yumiyun@hotmail.com

Yumi is a Japanese artist and studied painting and print making during her college days in Southern Methodist University in the United States. She came across Gond art in India and has been adapting the style for her art works. She has been living in Delhi for the past ten years.


(The current, 9.5 in x 13 in, Acrylic on paper)


Winnie Singh

Call: +91 92122 20304

Mail: winniesingh@hotmail.com

A latent creative streak in Winnie Singh manifested itself early in life, when she opted for training and career in interior design. After several years as a practicing interior designer, Winnie committed herself to developing the sense of art amongst toddlers. In the last few years Winnie has evolved her own perspective that stems from understanding of the complexity of design she practiced as a professional and the simplicity of expression that she teaches her students. Her objective is clear, to give form and shape to the creativity and curiosity that is blossoming in her as she seeks expression through different mediums and styles.

(Earth and Zen, 11.7 in x 8.2 in, Mix media)

Vinati Bhatt

Call: +91 98110 37870

Mail: discoveryofindia.d@gmail.com

Vinati is a NIFT graduate and has since worked in the fields of fashion, textiles, graphics and creatives. She started her series of limited edition serigraphs — ‘Discovery of India’ in 2012. The series is inspired by a traveller’s memoirs of India, the images/experiences he takes back from his visit and how they flash back on him.

The technique is a blend of Photography, Digital manipulation and Screen printing. The Idea is to create a thoughtful imagery of India that reflects its culture, vibrancy and grandeur while keeping its dignity and glory intact.

(Amber, 12 in x 12 in, Serigraph (including photography & digital art))

Tarun Sharma

Call: +91 9818 620 978

Mail: tarun.s@me.com

View: www.teatimelab.com

Backed by degrees in Architecture and Transportation and Automobile Design, Tarun began his creative journey asking himself Why does one begin to create? What is going on? Where are we?

For him the world is his teacher and everything is connected. The medium to navigate the world of art exploration have been multiple. Oils, Acrylics, Fire, Flute, Guitar, Words, Photographs… but they all are directed by something which is on the fine line of I and lack of an I.

In this journey he has built a language, like a map, to navigate through these sonic landscapes of colours and emotions. Always ensuring that the language itself does not solidify to form an opaque layer. With enough deliberation and in time it is now fuzzy enough to always let the essence shine through and dense enough to build structures on.

(Exploration of Turiya 7, 20 in x 20 in, Acrylic on canvas)

Sushil Bhasin

Call: +91 98100 68426

Mail: bhasinsushil@gmail.com

View: www.pebblepeople.in

Sushil Bhasin is an artist, cartoonist and a storyteller based out of New Delhi, India. Since 2005 he has been working on a unique canvas – pebbles.

His art is quirky as he brings pebbles to life by giving them human emotions, expressions and interconnections. The art series is christened as Pebble People. It is a mix of objects, characters and offbeat perspectives.

His inspiration to doodle on pebbles came when he went up the mountains for a vacation. The pebbles by the riverside seemed to speak to him. He picked a few and brought them home and they became friends when they met his pens and paints. These have been showcased in bookshops, boutique hotels, and living rooms of their fond collectors. They have also been featured in the media.

(Pebble Tree, 39 in x 20 in x 20 in, Mixed media and Pebbles)

Shruti Vij

Call: +91 98105 77625

Mail: s_vij2001@yahoo.com

A NIFT, Delhi graduate and an art enthusiast, Shruti is a painter with an individual style. Painting is not a mere vocation for her, it’s a passion. From depicting her innermost feelings to creating a colourful world as she sees it, painting gives her an outlet to express what is beyond words.

Not limited by style or technique, she likes to leave her art free. It’s about what touches her heart. She  does not subscribe to complicated concepts and her idea of art is simple beauty. The common element that runs through her works is beauty that appeals to everyone and puts a smile on the viewer’s face.

(New Age, 24 in x 24 in, Acrylic on canvas)

Shivam Sehgal

Call: +91 70427 52515

Mail: shivamsehgalartworks@gmail.com

Shivam loves to play with colours, resulting in seemingly random layers and blends of color and textures in his work.
Human memories have always fascinated him and he feels that it’s amazing that in no time even only one memory can bring out so much hidden emotions and feelings of a person. Especially when the memories are with loved ones.
His ambition was to capture much more than a likeness. He wishes to evoke the feeling of sensuality in the viewer. Catch that special something, the essence and make them recall their special moments.

(First kiss, 15.5 in x 23.4 in, Watercolor and ink)


Call: +91 85060 46706

Mail: samindia860@gmail.com

Sam studied from MS University, Baroda and then at School of Art & Design, University of Strasbourg and then spent years in the advertising industry.

He gave up his 9-5 existence to consult on graphic design and branding and now spends his time sketching, painting and exploring the mountains and the seas. He also gives guest lectures at various colleges and universities.

Over the past few years he has developed his signature style of detailed pen and ink drawings that take immense patience and focus. His evolving collection includes birds, Shiva, treescapes and unique concepts through the eye of the universe.

(Hope in Hell, 20 in x 33 in, Pen and Ink on Swiss Cordenon 280gsm Paper)

Reena Chopra

Call: +91 94160 26330

Mail: rynachopra@hotmail.com

Reena completed her schooling in Kenya and pursued her higher education in India. She has a diploma in Interior Design and Architectural Apprenticeship from The South Delhi Polytechnic and a Bachelors Degree in IT and Management from University of Bhubaneswar.

She has immersed herself into painting and colors her canvas with expressions of realism from life and abstracts from her imagination … her thoughts are converted into a riot of colors that express her feelings, her love for travel, nature and cities, her fascination with non-conformity vis a vis her appreciation for symmetry and asymmetry alike.

(A tale of Two Cities, 20 in x 30 in, Acrylic on canvas)

Ratna Chatterjee

Call: +91 98112 26219

Mail: ratnachatterjee@hotmail.com

Ratna is a designer who has been designing products all her life – appliances, electronics, cars, buses, trucks and also a lot of tractors.

Post-graduate in Industrial Design from IIT Mumbai she has been working in the manufacturing sector for the past 30+ years. She now works as a technology consultant with the Automotive Sector globally.

She has always been involved with dreaming up interesting shapes and working with various colour palettes.

Around mid-2010, she started on her visual expressions on canvas in vivid colours and in 3-dimensional art. Her early works focused on bas-relief and later got inter-mixed and accentuated with impasto.

(Love is in the air, 24 in x 36 in, Relief work in paper, clay and acrylic paints on canvas)

Priyadarshini Ohol

Call: +91 99673 03965

Mail: ohol.priya@gmail.com

Call: www.facebook.com/priyadarshinioholart

An artist from Bombay, Priyadarshini Ohol supported her Mechanical Engineering degree through modelling, ran a couple of businesses, changed things as an activist, took acting lessons in Delhi, before a ski accident & surgery gave her the mind & time space to paint. Post recuperation, she moved into the lap of the Dhauladhar Himalayas to paint full time. She lives & paints at her studio in Dharamshala.

(Metamorphosis, 12 in x 16 in, Acrylic on canvas)

Noor Arora

Call: +91 98103 46800

Mail: aroranoor05@gmail.com

Noor is a formally trained industrial designer who graduated from Parsons School for Design New York in 2014 after receiving the Sustainable Vision Award for her senior thesis and seeks to experiment with all the tools at her disposal. After graduating she decided to pursue her passion fine art.

On seeing Noor’s work, eminent and legendary artist Mr. Satish Gujral was delighted and said, “She has found her own way which is eloquent.”

(The wolf, 36 in x 42 in, Carving on slate)


Call: +91 88005 47157

Mail: nabyendu.paul.86@gmail.com

Paul is a Mechanical Engineer graduate and  has done Masters in product design from MIT institute of Design, Pune. He has been practicing product design with leading brands in India. He believes in meaningful design that impacts the way in which people interact with the world.

Profession makes him designer but his passion for art makes him an artist.

The love for art and zeal of painting was probably rooted in him from childhood when he used to see his maternal grandfather and uncle imparting life into clay idols of Goddess Durga.

Encouragement has inspired him to explore this side of himself more. He is learning and experimenting and growing with each step.

(Plexica (Incoherent concept), 12 in X 10 in, Acrylic on Canvas)

Niraj Gupta

Call: +91 9810027073

Mail: nirajkgupta@gmail.com

View: www.facebook.com/myartbynirajgupta

After studying at IIT Delhi, IIFT and FMS, Niraj had worked as Head of many telecom MNCs, last one being as MD South Asia, AT&T. Besides practising art as a hobby since an early age, he had also contributed sketches / cartoons / caricatures for various publications and shows at IIT and later, for own monthly telecom column in Voice & Data. He has attended classes at National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Delhi for one year 2015-16 to refresh, refine and seek direction.

(Lion Cave of Yeshe Tsogyal, Bhutan, 14 in x 18 in, Water colour on Fabriano paper)

Neetika Chopra

Call: +91 98100 56491

Mail: neetikachopra@gmail.com

Neetika has been drawing ever since she remembers. Doodles, sketches, watercolours – unconscious, spontaneous responses to the wild beauty, symmetry and colour she saw around herself in Tanzania where she grew up.

She studied commerce at the Shri Ram College of Commerce and worked in a finance company for a while. She considers herself blessed as she was allowed the space to incubate her inner impulses. She learnt perspective, anatomy and light as she experienced it. The human body fascinates her – the fluidity, texture and grace. All this finds expression in her art.

All through the troughs and peaks of her life – the journey through marriage and motherhood, her art has stayed with her. To paint was to find comfort, power and self- expression.

(Picking up the threads, 24 in x 30 in, Oil on canvas)

Khushroo Kalyanwala

Call: +91 99714 00990

Mail: khushrookalyanwala@gmail.com

Khushroo Kalyanwala is an Architect from the School of Architecture, (CEPT), Ahmedabad graduated in 1983. He is now based in New Delhi and also works on Interior Design and Architectural Metal Production and Installation. He is also a collector of a large range of Collectibles and Art and is an artist & photographer as well.

Increasingly ‘Art’ is not only the end product; but the conceptualizing, the execution, and the presentation as a whole. In this exhibition, this series of 6 travel sketches is being exhibited for the first time. Original sketches and original photographs have been over layered to produce a third digital print medium. The subject matter and its colour, texture & composition are as seen through the eyes of an Architect-Designer.

(Jema El Fna Square, Marrakech, Morocco, 18 in x 12 in, Original sketch & photograph digitally mixed. Ltd. edition of 5 prints on archival grade paper)

Kavita Nambissan

Call: +91 98107 07919

Mail: kavita@monologish.com

View: www.monologish.com

An engineer by profession, Kavita discovered art a little late in life. A self-taught artist, she attended Triveni Kala Sangam, to pick up the basics of sculpting under the tutelage of Ms. Saroj Jain. Lines play a major role in every piece she creates, whether on canvas, or paper, or in, clay or resin. Her art, works to highlight detailed intricacies that are often hidden from sight in the world around us. Natural textures and the flow of forms are great inspirations in all her sculptures.

Always keen to experiment with new materials and concepts, Kavita’s work ranges from highly detailed ink paintings on canvas and paper to full figure sculptures and busts made with resin, wood and stone.

(Urvi, 8.6 in x 6.6 in x 5.1 in, Resin and stone)

Harshit Kedia

Call: +91 95990 60398

Mail: harshitkedia@yahoo.com

Harshit is an Automobile engineer and a self taught brute artist. A majority of his works comprise of sculptures, models and dioramas made from scrap which can be found lying around in the house. He believes in sustainable resource and waste management and believe that waste from one source is a resource for the other, thus making it a cycle of reuse and reduce.

(Pit-stop for the weary traveller, 15.3 in x 7.8 in x 7.8 in, Hardware scrap & e-waste )

Harmandeep Keerti

Call: +91 97186 44602

Mail: hds30art@gmail.com

View: https://shunyam.jimdo.com

Starting out as a self-taught artist Harmandeep is a keen observer. He is now honing his skills under the able guidance of Zargar Zahoor. He always tries to catch the mood of the day in his painting, a morning light or an afternoon burning sun, catching the smoothly sailing sky with his soft yet bold strokes in Gouache, Oil and Watercolors. What he attempts in his painting in not a literal photographic resemblance but an impression in a manner which gives the viewer a chance to travel their eyes through the painting. Playing with the Light and Shadow he approaches his work in a Zen like mood.

(Tugged away in the snowdrift, 7.5 in x 11 in, Gouache on Canson paper)

Bindu Chutani

Call: +91 97171 76795

Mail: chutanibindu@gmail.com

Bindu has an education in science and is a  finance person by profession and artist at heart. Art discovered her.

With a penchant for finding beauty in everything around, and love for colours, watercolours came to naturally to her.

The inspiration behind this series of realistic flowers was the beauty in a flower which has the unique power to awaken the beauty that resides deep within each one of us. Flowers with their magical interplay between light and form, inspire an artist in so many ways. When she captures this on paper, she achieves a state of meditation. She wants her flowers to add colour to every wall and bring a sense of happiness and peace to everyone.

(The Queen, 20.8 in x 27.9 in, Watercolour on paper)

Antara Pain

Call: +91 75067  30406

Mail: antarapain@gmail.com

Antara is a statistician by qualification, researcher & consultant by profession and an artist at heart. She spends her time creating art while living either in Navi Mumbai or in Delhi.

She believes her interest towards art originated from home. By seeing her grandmother do embroidery or mother knit woollen sweaters, make patterns on the floor with rice paste etc. She learnt oil on canvas from Mrs. Debjani Dutta in Navi Mumbai and acrylic on canvas from Mr. Milind Mulick in Pune. Her travel across India inspired her to learn, absorb and practice more art.

Considering the freelancing offers and her own art projects, Antara has shifted towards perusing her passion full time and dedicating more time and effort to create art.

(Green Tara, 36 in x 24 in,  Acrylic and Poster paints on Paper)


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