Glimpses of India Art Fair 2017

By — Aarti Uppal Singla

As each year passes the visual treat at India art fair is getting better. Presence of contemporary artists is increasing. The masters have their place firmly entrenched but it is the new blood that makes things interesting. Apart from big Indian galleries especially from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai artists from Spain, Singapore, Nepal, USA, Uk, Amsterdam etc. made their mark.

The large installations were reduced in number but then I did not miss them as I’m more intrigued by details. And those I found in plenty in the intricate lace like work of artist from Mumbai. The technique is magical as the artist first sketches, then embroiders the delicate botanical illustrations and then removes the cloth leaving behind the fragile thread skeleton. Pinhole portraits by a Spanish artist were something new.

Simple strokes and dots made a lot of interesting artworks.

Politics and humour also found its way in the work of a Nepali artist.


The icing on the cake was etchings by Salvador Dali showcased from the personal collection of a gallery owner from Singapore.

And then there was this.