Lowdown on exhibitions at Lalit Kala, New Delhi 21-27 Feb 2016


By Aarti Uppal Singla

Eight exhibitions are on this week at Lalit Kala, 7 Solo shows and one group exhibition. Here is a little peek in what is in store for you.

Shri Ganesha, Sculpture Solo show by Abhishek Maurya

M.F.A. from College of Arts and Craft, Abhishek Maurya i s a resident of Lucknow. Interested in portraits, experimental works and photography, he chooses sculptures to bring forth his creativity. He believes that an artist can create a masterpiece only if he combines what is present in nature and society. He uses brass, granite, marble etc. to invoke Lord Ganesh. From 2 inch high to 2 feet high he projects his images of Ganesh onto the material of his choice.


Floating Memories by Padmini Mehta

Born and brought up in Varanasi, Padmini is a sensitive soul who is touch with her roots and open to imbibing the beauty and culture of places she visits. Using colour and texture she has tried to capture the soul of the places in her own style. These are floating memories, ephemeral and yet strong giving a strong identity of each city. The show is a mix of detailed charcoal drawings and bright acrylics with interesting use of gold paint.


Genesis by Nawal Kishore

Bright and colourful the show is in the artist’s signature style. A alumni of Lucknow college of Arts and Craft, Nawal explores the human form. The curvy female form juxtaposed with angular face is how he showcases his women. Look carefully and you find lots of images that make the theme of the painting, in the garments of the figures. Especially interesting were some drawings in soft pastel colours. Hope to see more of these from the artist. It was fun to meet his young son who loves to draw gods and he has promised to invite me to his first exhibition, whenever he holds it.


Exploring Shiva-2 by Anita Dinesh

Resident of Noida and a self taught artist, Anita finds her artistic expression in exploring the mythology and forms of Shiva. She draws her inspiration from all embodiments of the deity. She uses colour and texture effectively to portray the various facets of Shiva and stories of his life. The abstract portrayal shows the iconography without being too literal and straightforward. The layering of colours, tones and textures give added dimension to her paintings.


14th Solo exhibition by Pallab Kanti Mitra

Pallab’s work is characterized by bright colours and bold strokes. A self taught artists he explores various themes in his work, some cheerful like spring and others poignant like Crisis of existence. There is a child like quality to his work which comes through is use of motifs of flowers and kites. His abstracts are almost like surreal dreams.


Colors on Canvas a group show by Pradip Pradhan, Subhendu Biswas, Khokon Raut, Arun Jana, Chandan Pramanik, Runu Misra Banerjee and Pintu Sengupta

The works of this group of Bengali artists brings together some familiar and some new styles. Chandan and Pintu showcase the watercolours that we have come to associate with Bengali artists. Runu gives fresh look to the Bengal School art of yesteryears. Especially interesting are works by Arun. He has works done in ball pen and these have been translated into larger acrylics paintings. He has shown the city like of his hometown Kolkota in various layers. As he said, the city operates at many levels with its intelligentsia and it’s workers, the rich and the poor, with their lives overlapping and living in harmony.


Solo show by Sudip Kumar Das

Having studied from Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship,  Sudip’s work show maturity and skill that comes with practice. Drawing inspiration from nature the artists explores complex themes using imagery from nature. Subtle colours, fine details and delicate brushwork make you look at the painting longer than expected.


The Magnificent Bull by H.R. Das

H.R. Das unleashes the unrestrained power of the beast on his canvas. Big, bold and colourful the bulls hold your eye. But once to get past the artfully portrayed animals you get drawn into the background. The backgrounds are not just a colour or a mere support for the theme but an artwork in themselves. They are a soft muted tapestry that add a texture or tell a story of their own. Also on display are vibrantly painted fibre glass bulls.