My doodle journey

Doddle journey


By Pooja Gujral

I have been doodling for as long as I can remember. Sometimes margins of books and other times full sheets of paper. Give me pen and paper and I’d draw all over it. I loved doing it but questions kept nagging me…
What will I do with this?
Where will I use it ?
And the most discouraging one of all – Who will understand this?
These took the fun out of my hobby.

I went about my daily routine of family and household chores and killing my time watching stupid family dramas on TV until one-day I was introduced to the word zentangle by my friend. It is an art-form developed by artists Maria and Rick. Using repeated patterns using simple strokes to make something beautiful. To be very honest I didn’t understand the idea of making different, very complicated looking patterns, on the piece of paper and again there was the question – what will I do with this?

But somewhere I did like the idea of making beautiful patterns and I started to explore. As there was no rules or typical way of doing it, I could fill patterns on anything I wish be it be a leaf or human or a tea pot from my kitchen. This difference of tangling from other art forms known to me got me hooked to this and I was thrilled creating something new every time. No questions came to my mind as I knew I had found my creative satisfaction.

Today I am addicted to this, the peace, joy, excitement that I experience is beyond words. Imagine a 3 year old is left in the biggest toy store to have anything the heart desires. That thrill and excitement is what I experience it every time I make something.

I tried everything; tree, leaf, garlic, shoes, abstract and many more. Sometimes, something came out brilliant and some taught me what not to do, but still nothing stopped me.

You need not to be sad to feel happy, so take your pen and paper and remembering the days when we use to draw at the back of our notebooks during boring lectures, get started. You can pick anything believe me ANYTHING from your name to your favourite shoes, cups or your favourite destination. Select anything and start filling in patterns be it like circles, lines, dots or wavy lines or zigzags.

All you need is a paper and a pen. I started with a small tree and took Micron pens to draw, but you are free to choose anything you have. You can use coloured paper or coloured pen. Just test your pen on the paper you plan to use before you start to check for bleeding. The just have fun.

The satisfaction and happiness that you will experience is beyond my words and your imagination, so get up and take your share of joy.

You can see more of my work here