One Minute Artist — TAEP Meetup #35


By Aarti Uppal Singla


This meet up was about One shape … One minute … As many objects as you can think of!

We met at the new addition to Noida cafe scene, Starbucks at Garden Galleria Mall. Each one of us gave a shape, we started the timer and furiously drew as many objects we could think of, that resembled the given shape.

We drew shapes that matched a circle, a rectangle, a square, a rhombus, a teardrop, an oval and even a spring. Some were easy and some difficult.  I thought I was being smart by drawing my curly hair for spring but then almost all drew that. Hey! they were only mine to draw. Rhombus was particularly challenging especially in one minute slot.

Having exhausted most 2D shapes we drew things from the cafe using just two basic shapes. Everyone else had to spot the inspiration you drew from.

A coffee break later, things became more interesting. We played a game of serial drawing. It started with one person drawing one thing that he/she could see around them. The sheet was then passed to the next person who added an element to it and passed it on. It continued till you got your sheet back. The results were funny, quirky, logical or outrageous. Whatever they were, they were definitely imaginative! A canopy turned into a person and a coffee bean turned into a winged bug with roller skates. The Starbucks logo turned into alien beings and Rupanzel got her tower.


All in a fun session which made us think out of the box and look at mundane objects in a new light.

And yes, it was our 35th meet up in 2 years.