Sketch meet at book & stationery fair — TAEP #40



By Aarti Uppal Singla

The Book and Stationery Fair at Pragati Maidan became the venue of our last sketch meet. Since there was a lot of walking involved we decided to carry along just one pen/pencil to sketch.

We met outside the stall of our favourite art suppliers Foremost India. Meeting them is like meeting old friends. After buying some stationery and having a look at the fair we decided to sit down to sketch. We were lucky to find an empty stall right opposite the Foremost stall. We settled there comfortably to draw, much to amusement of passersby and patrolling cops.

Over, coffee and sandwiches, courtesy Mr. Lochan, laughter, conversations and sketching ensued. We were joined by some new comers and a little girl who had so much fun that she did not want to leave.

A small sample of drumming and beat boxing added to the merriment.  Hope to have more such fun events.

You can see more images here.