Spaces — Real and Imagined


The Art Exchange Project presents its third group show


SPACES — Real and imagined


Spaces can be of any kind: empty, crowded, agitated, peaceful, urban, rural, real, imagined.


It is distance, time, freedom, emotions…


Works of thirteen artists interpret the concept in various mediums of watercolours, acrylics, oils, pastels, photography etc. They explore space as a tangible reality around them or as an abstract era of time, the relationship of animate and inanimate and what lies within.


Date: 8th – 13th December 2018

Time: 11 am – 7pm

Venue: The Stainless Gallery, Mira Corporate Suites, Mathura Road, New Delhi


To enhance the experience of art and interaction with artists we also have nominally priced workshops and free talks with artists. Below is the schedule.



workshop with Hazel Kamath

9th December 2018 11am –1pm



a talk by Bipasha Sen Gupta

10th December 2018 3pm –4.30 pm



workshop with Aarti Uppal Singla

10th December 2018 5pm – 7pm



workshop with Ankush Agarwal

11th December 2018 3pm – 5pm



A talk by Aarti Uppal Singla

11th December 20185 5.30pm –7 pm



workshop with Rachna Lodha

12th December 2018 3pm –  5pm


About the guest artists

Rajesh Sharma

Call: +91-98112 31806



About the Curator Aarti Uppal Singla

Aarti is a visual artist, with over 20 years of experience, who expresses through photography, painting and graphic design. She graduated in Graphics from Govt. College of Arts, Chandigarh. And did her Masters in English from Panjab University.

She runs two art communities in Delhi, The Art Exchange Project and Delhi Pencil Jammers with over 9000 members spread across the globe.

Finding time between her design commitments she curates photography and art shows, makes stationery, conducts art workshops and organizes free art meet ups.

Shows curated by her

Photography show at Russian Centre for Science and Culture, August 2014

‘Gandhi from artists eyes’, group art show at Vishwa Yuva Kendra, November 2015

‘Explorations’, group Art show at AIFACS March 2017

NOIR — the mystery unfolds at The Stainless Gallery September 2018


About the Chief Guest Shri. Sidharth

Shri. Sidharth is an acclaimed artist, sculptor and storyteller. His art journey started off at a very young age in Bassian, near Raikot town in Ludhiana district of Punjab. His first teacher was his mother who taught him and inculcated in him a love of colours. His knowledge of pigments and the magic he creates with them is integral to his art practice.

Working as an apprentice with village mason Tara Mistry, he learned the art of creating murals and friezes. Later he went on to learn Thangka painting technique from the Tibetan monks in Mcleodganj. He spent some time with artist Sobha Singh too at his studio in Andretta, Himachal Pradesh. After doing a five-year diploma in painting from College of Art in Chandigarh he went to Sweden where he observed and practiced western artistic traditions.

An honorary degree of DLitt was conferred on him in 2012 by Punjabi University, Patiala. He has contributed immensely to spread of Punjabi language and culture through his works and lectures.

Not only a prolific artist he is also a great teacher who is free with his knowledge and is very encouraging of young artists.

He resides in and works from his studio in Kaladham, Noida. He is presently working on very prestigious projects on Ganga and Guru Nanak that cover paintings, documentaries and books.


Senior Guest artists

Rajesh Sharma

Call: +91-98112 31806


Born in 1953, Rajesh did his Art diploma from Rajasthan and Masters in Art (Drawing &  Painting) from New Delhi.

Inspired by nature he recreates his own interpretation of natural forms. He loves to experiment with textures without using fancy material, just playing with unique application of colours. His artworks show the grandeur of the world that surrounds us and invokes awe in the magic of nature.

He has exhibited in lot of group and solo shows including Jehangir At Gallery, Mumbai, Academy of Arts, Kolkata, Shridharni Art Gallery, Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. He has participated in a lot of camps.

Among others his awards include Rajiv Gandhi Memorial award(1991), National Akademi award (1993) and senior fellowship, Ministry of Council (2001-2003)

At present he works out of his studios in Kaladham and Garhi.


Working with equal ease in oils and acrylics he explores the notion of urban spaces and the vast expanse of natural rock forms.


Kavita Nayar

Call: +91-9891259087

Working in this field over the past three and a half decades Kavita works in all the mediums with equal ease, be it oil or acrylic on canvas, lithography, etchings, serigraphy or pastels on paper. She is forever trying to innovate and discover herself through her works. Her expression of art is the rendering of the intangible which permeates through the spirit of nature in which her technique is a medium to reach. The pictorial expression -’A means to an end’, thus delving into the Medium of Print making as an adventurous practice that combines technique with pictorial aspects.

After doing her BFA and MFA in India Kavita was awarded French Govt. scholarship to work in lithography & etchings at Cite International Des Arts & Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1985-86. In 1990 she worked under a master printer in serigraphy in Luxembourg with creative Fund fellowship. In 1996 she went to Ruskin School of Art, Oxford (England) as a senior fellow with the fellowship of  Charles Wallace India Trust. Kavita’s works are in the collections of museums in India, Paris, Poland, Germany, Sweden and United States. Also in major corporate houses and the Prime minister’s House in New Delhi.

She lives and works in New Delhi. She is a Trustee of  Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust which gives scholarships and  mentoring programmes to  young talented students from  fine arts colleges of India .She is role model, guide and guru to many of the younger generation of the artists.


The participating artists are

Dharmendra Singh

Call: +91-9811210977


Dharmendra is a self taught artist. He hails from a small town in MP and has spent his growing up years in rural surroundings. Drawing and painting used to be his favorite pastime while spending time in outreach villages where he drew inspiration from his surroundings.

Art for him is the basis of rejuvenation. It transmits energy. It is the catalyzing force that consolidates the invisible energy forms.

He moved to Delhi in mid eighties to pursue his college studies and completed his masters in English Literature from Delhi University. His creative inkling landed him a job in advertising firm as a copywriter. But, he soon took a sabbatical from his corporate job at Times of India to pursue his love for art. He held three private exhibitions and also made several works for friends and acquaintances.

Dharmendra currently works as a behavior-change communication specialist with International NGOs on development sector projects.


His series is on abandoned spaces. Change surrounds us, continuously and consistently. With the changing times the lifestyles and consequent priorities too have changed and that has rendered some oft used spaces in our daily lives as redundant and out of use. The life nevertheless has continued, which is evident by the natural cycle of plants and weeds. The spaces in their new avatar have transformed into different emotions into our minds.


Divyaman Singh

Call: +91-99990 29601



Divyaman Singh is a New Delhi based artist. He works with oil and acrylic on canvas. Divyaman feels truly at home only when surrounded by forests and mountains. He developed a strong bond with nature early on while growing up in Chaugain, a village in the Buxar district of Bihar. A commerce graduate, he is currently the founder of Art By Divyaman : Gallery & Studio.

His paintings often depict emotions and natural beauty. He believes great art always brings with it a certain aura making you feel alive every time you see it. “Painting is a conversation between me and my canvas,” he says.


The series goes back to a simpler time of shared space, when man and beast had a special bond, supporting each other through the harshness of the environment they shared and lived in.


Gautam Bose

Call: +91-9350172466


Instagram: @Gautam.bose.714

Gautam is a self taught artist. His paintings depict the effects of colours on feelings and emotions. He expresses his thoughts and ideas in different shapes, forms, textures and colours, spontaneously in his works. His main focus is to express the interactions of our inner mind with outer world.

He already participated in three art exhibitions in Delhi.

In this series Gautam wanted to depict  such impressions  which influence the inner mind and space around through dark and bright palettes separately in different abstract expressions.


Even in our relationships with various people, animals, birds,  plants, trees and urban chaos, keeping continuous impact in our subconscious space, which has came out spontaneously in his sketches and drawings.


Kanika Mukerjee

Call: +91- 99250 38313



Kanika was born and grew up in Delhi. She graduated from Delhi College of Art, majoring in fine arts. She now lives in Valsad with her family. In the modest town away from the white noise, she is often humbled by the waves and the vast stretch of the ocean. Close to nature, she connects with that side of herself which can be so easily lost in the daily ramblings of a routine.

Her passion for painting started at an early age of 4. Since then she is constantly exploring and then expressing herself through different art forms. In these formative years her painting in different mediums like charcoal, dry pastels, oil and lately fabric, has shown the expanse of nature that is infinite and constant. Motion, space and colour are her subjects and forte. Be it landscape, forests, rocks, mountain, desert, beaches, waves, trees or flowers, they all exist harmoniously in the seamless expanse.

She has numerous group and solo shows to her credit. Her artworks are a part of collections in India and abroad.


Kanika has used the richness of textile, the Cotton Fabric, to create scapes, redefining the aesthetics of both the fabric and painting. The subject matter of her art is Kanika’s spirit itself. Her spirit is the space that she expounds through fabric. Space is her subject and Forte. Her work portrays the dimensions of limitlessness.


Khushroo Kalyanwala

Call: +91-9971400990


Khushroo Kalyanwala, has graduated as an Architect from CEPT Ahmedabad, and is now based in New Delhi, working on Interior Design and Architectural Metal production projects.  He is also a keen archivist, hobbyist, and a collector of a wide range of Collectibles & Art.

His interest in Photography & Graphics has made him foray into Digital Art, where he has had several successful solo & group shows showcasing various forms of his digital interpretations.


One of his series for the Exhibition titled “Man, Music, Style & Era” is multi-layered fusion Digital Art. Part Drawn, part painted, part scanned, digitally rendered, with the final print output on canvas. It fuses the TIME & SPACE of the 1920s-30s Black Jazz period, alongwith E.A. Seaguy’s Art deco Floral Fabric prints of the same era. The Free Flowing Imagery draws inspiration from more contemporary graphic artists, the likes of L. Kesi, E. Watson, & R. Borge.


Neetika Chopra

Call: +91-9810056491


Neetika has been drawing ever since she remembers. Doodles, sketches, watercolours – unconscious, spontaneous responses to the wild beauty, symmetry and colour she saw around herself in Tanzania where she grew up.

She studied commerce at the Shri Ram College of Commerce and worked in a finance company for a while. She considers herself blessed as she was allowed the space to incubate her inner impulses. She learnt perspective, anatomy and light as she experienced it.

All through the troughs and peaks of her life – the journey through marriage and motherhood, her art has stayed with her. To paint was to find comfort, power and self- expression.


She believes that the mind creates a metaphysical space for ideas, hopes, desires, thoughts to grow, which ultimately shape our reality.

In her artwork she wants to express those very undervalued moments in our daily life as a paradox, since, it is in these very moments of insignificance, that significant learning and growth occurs.

Her paintings therefore depict through its spaces, the unknown possibilities of the mind.



Call: +91-8800547157


Paul, an autodidact artist, makes paintings, with a conceptual approach, depicting the moments of life through a combination of colour, texture and symbolism. Paul creates work which has a fascination with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual art.

Profession makes him designer but his passion for art makes him an artist.

Paul is a graduate engineer with a masters in product design. With the belief meaningful design impacts the way in which people interact with the world, Paul has been a product designer with leading brands in India.

The zeal for art and painting is probably rooted in him from the time, in his childhood, when he used to see his maternal grandfather bring to life the clay idols of deities. His paintings question the conditions of appearance of an image in the context of contemporary visual culture. His style tends to be figurative with impressionistic touch.


Paul’s mind is very restless, constantly hovering from one thought to other, thinking plenty of affairs and assignment at the same time, in his subconscious mind, and as a phenomenon he dream frequently. Although he forgets most of the story but an impression remains in the mind, which he tries to capture in his paintings. He experiments with texture to conceive the summary and the evolution of notion.


Rachna Lodha

Call: +91-9811269583


Rachna Lodha is currently practicing art under the guidance of Mr. Rameshwar Broota at Triveni Kala Snagam and is a graduate from Delhi University. Many of her art works have been selected in annual all India art exhibition by AIFACS.

Her art works depict her endless trail of thoughts and the freedom of colors. She has been an artist by passion who breaks the boundaries and the current understanding that we have of the mediums used in art.


The motivation behind these paintings is the depiction of boundlessness of space. The paintings have been done using mixed media, but the base is oil pastels, a medium to which justice has rarely been done. The art uses this medium to capture a sense not clearly understood.



Rashmi Rai

Call: +91-98110 07039



As an art photographer Rashmi does not feel limited by any particular subject. The beauty of landscapes, emotions in portraits and especially prearranged still life and macro inspires her to seek this wonderful world through photography. Inspired by nature, light and its effects on emotions she tries to depict the unseen elements of what seems ‘real’ in our everyday life, and the wonder and awe of nature through the lens. Her compositions are simple. Photography gave her an insight into the transcendental nature of human feelings and emotions. She desires to create images with still life and nature because of its power to connect with her Self. Inanimate objects for her are the proof of life and life itself is beyond the natural. We connect first to the material. All objects are symbolic of life and energy. In some of her images she likes to depict the object, be it flower or any found object, with a symbolic meaning, like a dead leaf representing previous generations or old thoughts or life’s fragility as compared to nature.


For this show she is exhibiting her cyanotypes made with a long forgotten process of creating beautiful photographs, Space for her is the sixth sense, an altered state which is always present and quietly hanging in the background.


Sujata Khanna

Call: +91-9810347655


Sujata Khanna has been working as an Illustrator and Cartoonist for magazines, books and publications since 1992. She is a self-taught artist who took on creative projects after entering the prestigious Hindustan Times Cartoon contest and getting a special mention and appreciation from the judges. A Diploma in Commercial Art helped her hone her skills and explore creative advertising and design.

She enjoys creating canvases using acrylic and oil paints. Mixed media art works are also her forte. Strong compositions, form and colour dominate her palette. Play of light and lines are found in her works.

She likes to be part of issues involving women’s education, welfare and safety and takes part in  social movements focused on the same and illustrating various publications for NGOs.


Imagining space as infinite gives it an endless quality that is difficult to comprehend. Sujata’s artworks harness this infinite space into a finite realm of dimensions that interplay with each other to impart a timeless structure to space as we know it. Through doorways that link time and space, it is a journey through the fabric of existence.


Yumi Onishi

Call: +91-9873534411


Living in India for more than a decade, Yumi came across Gond art and has been adapting the style for her art works. As she describes the process of making Gond painting “meditative,” she finds joy in working on the repetitive patterns and also a medium to tell her stories and the world around her at times. By interpreting Gond art in her own way, she wishes the world to appreciate the art form in different perspective.

Yumi has also studied painting and print making in college. She now combines her love for Gond art with printing techniques as well.


This series of paintings breaks away from traditional Gond painting techniques while the space is interpreted, not physically but, as contemplative. The space is not represented in these art works as an outcome of making art, rather it is in the process of making. The artist’s mind, filled or empty, is painted in motifs weaved together to create a scene.