The artist’s world of pen and ink


Pen and Ink

By — Kavita Chowdhury

The Art Exchange Project meets are a chill out The for art enthusiasts. The best part of such meets is the freedom to pursue your own theme using the medium that is chosen, in this case pen and ink. The Art Exchange Project meet-up on April 26, 2015, will be memorable since we did not feel the fresh tremors of the earthquake, engrossed as we were in our artistic exchange. The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal whose tremors were felt even in the capital, had occurred just the day before.

It was encouraging to see experienced master hands at pen and ink effortlessly discussing techniques with novices and even displaying the amazing variety of the tools of their craft — their pens.

Adding to the diversity of the gathering, was even a calligraphy enthusiast who is otherwise a supply chain organizer by profession. The only thing that seemed to matter was the joy of engaging in an artistic pursuit and sharing it with like minded souls.

An array of pens were used, from the humble ball point pen to the more sophisticated and expensive brands like Lamy, Sheaffer etc.. The more exquisite the nib, the higher the value.

Some like me were still exploring the possibilities of pen and ink; of how the brush pen is equally adept at making the most delicate of lines, with a nimble touch, and also the broadest of strokes.

The pens that were displayed by their proud owners were almost a roll call of nations— from the Japanese Sakura, German Staedtler, American Sharpie, Chinese Hero and the Japanese Pilot with its unique parallel pens.

Aarti Uppal Singla the ‘heart and soul’ behind the Art Exchange initiative, gave demos as well as enthusiastically answered individual queries – the amazing effect of water-brush on paper enhancing the impact of work with with brush pens for instance.

Social in Haus Khas Village provided an apt venue for our exchange, with the lush greenery around the Haus Khas lake making for a welcoming backdrop against the glass walls of Social.

Harsh Lochan from Foremost Agencies, a leading distributor of specialized art pens and merchandise, dropped in and gave a demonstration of a few of the pens they have to offer.

This exchange was, by all accounts, a vibrant one, instilling interest in the uninitiated and inspiring established hands (artists) to do more innovative work.

Photos: Aarti Uppal, Ankur Sharan & Dinesh Sethi