Tipi tipi tap: The Colour Game — TAEP Meetup #39


By Aarti Uppal Singla

Remember the beloved childhood game of ‘Tipi tipi tap’ where one would call out a colour and the others players would scamper to get anything with that colour to be safe. We decided to play that game with a difference. One of the group members gave us a colour from around us and we sketched everything we could see in that colour.

Since we were meeting at Starbucks (N Block Connaught place) the first choice was green and everything from their logo to the sippers and lights were drawn.

There was a little confusion over the venue as there are two outlets in CP so we had people coming in late but the fun was un-ebbing. Moving from green to red to blue we covered a lot of colours amidst laughter and some good nature leg-pulling.

A very special thanks to the staff of the cafe for being supportive and providing us with all the chairs we needed while we occupied 4 tables for almost three hours.

You can see more images here.